Are you good without god? Hey, so are we!

The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is an organization of secular individuals whose goals are to:
Build a supportive and active community.
Promote public acceptance of nonbelievers.
Defend science education and the separation of church and state.



Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and support a cause you care about. Helping us helps you, too! Want to develop your technical, leadership, and organizational skills? With the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, you can accomplish amazing things.

Most importantly, volunteering to help the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is fun!

Do you have a great idea for an event or activity? Let’s hear it!



The ASF Facebook Page

We post announcements here, along with updates of activities and current issues of special interest to secular Arkansans. “Like” our Facebook Page and you’ll see pertinent updates in your Facebook News Feed.

The ASF Facebook Group

When life in the Bible Belt wears you down, go here to take a sanity break. Converse, laugh, share stories, and relate to your fellow freethinkers.



Find our calendar of events here, browse and share photos, find friends, and more. Meetup is our main event planning tool. We recommend adding a feed to your personal calendar so that when we post events on Meetup, your Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar is automatically updated.


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Or mail your check to:
Arkansas Society of Freethinkers
P.O. Box 4135
Little Rock, AR 72214
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