Are you good without god? Hey, so are we!


Like anyone, we all benefit from a supportive community for friends, charity, and fostering a better understanding of secular values with our neighbors. Atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists, skeptics, non-religious, “nones,” lost tourists, and the confused are all welcome to join us!

It is often claimed that nonreligious people are rare, but according to a study released in 2012 by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, nearly 20% of our nation’s population – including about a third of all Americans under the age of 30 – have no religious affiliation. Still, non-religious people can feel isolated when the religious community is so organized and outspoken on issues.

We deserve to be heard. Building and participating in a community is the first step in giving ourselves that voice.

And the conversation here is great! Aside from friendly Meetups we also organize volunteer events, discussions, and support for science education. Ideas are always welcome.


  • Unite as many Freethinkers in Arkansas as possible. Yes – we have a statewide reach!
  • Enrich the community by hosting and developing informative activities and events, and by encouraging and facilitating dialog in matters of science, reason, ethics, and tolerance.
  • Inform people of their First Amendment freedoms of and from religion, and monitor and promote awareness of local separation of church and state issues.
  • Maintain a friendly, healthy relationship with other organizations and the community.



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The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is affiliated with local and national secularist organizations, including:

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