Darwin Day is one of two major conferences the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers sponsors. On Charles Darwin’s birthday every year, we celebrate the scientific method and its manifestation in the disciplines of anthropology, biology, chemistry, geology, paleontology, and the other sciences that expose the past, explain the present, and predict the future.

Human curiosity compels us to explore and experiment.  Human intelligence analyzes facts and synthesizes knowledge. Human ingenuity applies our knowledge in novel ways. The result is the understanding of our world, and our unique ability to shape it into something different.

The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers has always acknowledged the man whose conclusions persuaded the scientists of his time to accept evolution, the gradual change of species over time, as established fact. In February 2012, for the first time, we collaborated with nine other organizations and educational institutions for a statewide event that drew hundreds of people.

Are you interested in helping us plan 2015’s event? Contact us and let us know!


Darwin Day

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