We are accepting donations for tornado relief victims of the storms of April, 2014. When you make your donation, please note that it is for tornado relief. Thank you for doing something to help your fellow Arkansans!


We are an all-volunteer, non-profit educational organization.  Unlike most churches, no one running this organization receives a salary or any other payment, we have no tax-exempt buildings or plush offices, no vans or buses for ski trips, and we don’t receive any faith-based subsidy from the taxpayers.  We rely on your generous donations to help us pay for displays, fliers, business cards, website hosting, venue rentals, etc.

Please donate to the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers today using the PayPal link below, or mail your check to:

Arkansas Society of Freethinkers
P.O. Box 4135
Little Rock, AR  72214



Thank You!


Arkansas Society of Freethinkers
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