Are you ready to join, explore, or get more information about the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers?

Great! The first thing you’ll want to do is connect with our various communication channels. Use these links to get in the loop:

The ASF Facebook group

When life in the Bible Belt wears you down, go here to take a sanity break. Converse, laugh, share stories, and relate to your fellow freethinkers. If you are in the closet, please note that the Facebook group is not private.

The ASF Meetup group

This is where we maintain our calendar of events, share photos, documents, and links, and more. The group is our main event planning tool.

The Reason in the Rock website

Reason in the Rock is a regional conference organized by the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers.

The ASF YouTube channel

Watch video from our lecture series, Reason in the Rock, other events, plus selected videos from other sources.

We recommend adding a feed to your personal calendar so that when events are posted on, your Google, or other iCal calendar will be automatically updated. See this link for instructions. If you use Google’s calendar, you can simply add a calendar with the following URL: webcal:// .

Twitter Feed

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