First Tuesday at Stickyz

First Tuesday at Stickyz

Want to meet lots of friendly, like-minded folks and catch up on all the latest Arkansas Freethinker happenings? Kick off your month of freethinking with ASF’s First Tuesday gathering. There is no end to the fascinating things that you might hear, especially from our “old timers” who never seem to RSVP on Meetup! Conversations range from books to science to politics to local news and current events, and can be deep and stimulating or light and hilarious. Everything from philosophy to gossip and all points in between – there are no taboos!

We meet around 7:00 for drinks and dinner. The hosts and a few others will be there early, and plenty of us stay until long after the table has been cleared.

This is an excellent gathering for your first encounter with the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. Children are welcome. Check the calendar on for the location.

asf first tuesday: bill nye vs. ken ham

First Tuesday: Nye vs. Ham

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