HumanLightNewIn many societies, late December is a season of good cheer and a time for gatherings of friends and families. During this holiday season, many events are observed. HumanLight encourages us to have fun enjoying music, art, food, and each other’s company.  It gives us an opportunity to convey in a positive way that, although we don’t believe in the supernatural, we do believe in the growth and betterment of all people through reason, science, compassion, joy, optimism and moral excellence. It is a message we present in kindness, when we come together in a positive and constructive atmosphere, not to engage in debate and not to criticize other people’s beliefs.


The very first HumanLight celebration was held on December 23, 2001.  The holiday has grown in popularity around the country and the world ever since. HumanLight day is December 23rd, and should always be celebrated on or around this date. The date was chosen for several reasons.  The main idea was to place it within the peak celebration time of the December holiday season, yet to have a specific, distinct date that did not coincide (and did not interfere) with other events and holidays such as Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve.

Plan to join us to celebrate and express positive humanist ideals and values: Reason, Compassion, Hope, Humanity.


Magicians Entertaining at a recent HumanLight party.

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