science_cafeCome to the Afterthought in Little Rock’s Hillcrest neighborhood to hear the experts!

Every month at Science Café, a panel of Arkansas scientists or experts provides insight on a different topic.  Each of the speakers gives a very brief talk, and then the panel takes questions from the audience about the details, relevance, risk, and ethical concerns relating to the evening’s topic. The panel discussion follows a broadcast on KUAR (89.1 FM) in which one of the panelists is interviewed. The radio program serves as a preview of the discussion to take place that night.

The first Café Scientifique started in Europe in the early 1990’s to offer a relaxed public forum for the exchange of ideas – over coffee, beer, and food – in a friendly setting where anyone could come and sharpen their knowledge of the modern sciences. Anyone can ask questions about the relevance, risk, and ethical concerns relating to the evening’s topic. Today, science cafés meet all over the world.

The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers is one of a number of co-sponsors of Little Rock’s Science Café. Science Café meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Viex Carre/Afterthought. Admission is free. Arrive early, because seating is limited and the house gets packed!

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